A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This is the first game I have ever finished developing.

FreakOut is a breakout/arkanoid clone created by me and Elvendan (audio), for April 2015's #TeamUpJam organized by the folks at Indie TeamUp and Gamedev.Life.

The game's main two mechanics are the fact that an endless horde of bricks fall slowly towards the player, and the multiple pickup items which are constantly raining!


< > ARROW KEYS = Move the paddle

SPACE = Start a new game/release the ball

X = Use a magnet (has to be picked up beforehand) to instantly grab the ball

C = Annihilate most of the screen (you have to grab a giant bomb item first)

H = Unlock ball (acts as a free magnet whenever the ball would bounce in a perfect vertical/horizontal axis)


There are two builds available:

- FreakOut - TeamUpJam build(old) -> The original #TeamUpJam build. Buggy, unoptimized and unpolished. Made in the span of two days.

- FreakOut - Fixed -> The newer, post-jam build. Most of the bugs and other issues have been fixed, and the game is more balanced and polished.

Hope you will have as much fun playing the game as Elvendan and I had making it!

Install instructions

Unzip in a folder, read the .txt file, and launch FreakOut.exe. Trivial.


FreakOut - Fixed (Win32) 14 MB
FreakOut - Fixed (Linux x86) 16 MB
FreakOut - Fixed (Win32) + source 32 MB
Freakout - TeamUpJam build (old) + source 32 MB